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Percussion Instruments / Orff-Schulwerk

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  1. Ziggurat


    for bass clarinet and marimba
    Composer: Gilbert, Anthony
    Instrumentation: bass clarinet and marimba
    Edition: score and parts
    Order No.: ED 13021
  2. Sous l'aile du vent

    Sous l'aile du vent

    for one percussionist
    Composer: Pécou, Thierry
    Instrumentation: percussion
    Edition: solo part
    Order No.: BAT 51
  3. Harmonielehre


    Das große Praxisbuch
    Language: German
    Order No.: ED 8730
  4. "Lied und Gebilde"

    Works for Viola and Percussion
    Composer: Mansurian, Tigran
    Instrumentation: viola and percussion (1 player: marimba, vibraphone, Woodblock, Thai gong, marimba, Tamtam, suspended cymbal)
    Edition: performance score, 2 copies required
    Order No.: BEL 677
  5. Beginner's Drums

    Beginner's Drums

    Basics & Grooves - spielend Schlagzeug lernen
    Author: Jakobi, Daniel
    Instrumentation: percussion
    Edition: method with mp3-CD
    Language: German
    Order No.: ED 20987
  6. Drumming


    Part One
    Composer: Reich, Steve
    Instrumentation: bongo drums
    Edition: study score
    Order No.: BHI 21407
  7. Figment V

    Figment V

    Composer: Carter, Elliott
    Instrumentation: marimba
    Order No.: BHI 8002067
  8. World Of Percussion: Djembé

    World Of Percussion: Djembé

    Die neue Percussion-Schule für Anfänger - find your beat!
    Author: Mayer, Ellen
    Instrumentation: Djembé
    Edition: method with CD
    Language: German
    Order No.: SPL 1083
  9. Soul Catcher

    Soul Catcher

    for marimba and CD
    Composer: Casken, John
    Instrumentation: marimba
    Edition: edition with CD, score and performance CD
    Order No.: ED 13364
  10. Mallet Quartet

    Mallet Quartet

    Composer: Reich, Steve
    Instrumentation: 2 vibraphones and 2 marimbas
    Edition: set of parts
    Order No.: BHI 10743

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