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Schott 250

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In 2020 we celebrate 250 years of Schott Music.  We take this opportunity to look back over some of the great publications from this historic publishing house.

To celebrate, we are offering 25% off all Schott Music titles for the month of October!

Take some time to browse our entire range of pub­li­ca­tions avail­able for every instru­ment and voice type and in a wide vari­ety of styles.

The cat­a­logue includes:

Meth­ods and tutors for begin­ners young and old­er, those com­ing back to the instru­ment after a break, and those look­ing to explore a new style.

Fine exam­ples of the­se include Piano Junior, The Clas­si­cal Piano Method, Play it Again: Piano, Pop-Styles for Piano, The Sax­o­phone Method, The Koep­pen Cel­lo Method, Play Gui­tar with Milos

Reper­toire Col­lec­tions filled with music in a vari­ety of styles, both well-known and new­ly dis­cov­ered.

Have a look at Pianis­si­mo, Relax with, World Music Series, Schott Anthol­o­gy Series, My First Con­cert, Easy Con­cert Pieces, Easy Com­poser Series, Schott Piano Lounge, Schott Sax­o­phone Lounge

Exer­cis­es and Stud­ies are also avail­able to hone your skills and improve your tech­nique.

The Essen­tial Exer­cis­es and the Sight-Read­ing series both include titles for all instru­ments




Bernhard Schott who founded the company in 1770.
Bern­hard Schott who found­ed the com­pa­ny in 1770.
The first publication: the cantata “Der Tod Jesu” by Georg Anton Kreusser”.
The first pub­li­ca­tion:  the can­tata “Der Tod Jesu” by Georg Anton Kreusser.
The Weihergarten in Mainz, built in 1793 as the publishing house of Schott Music, where it remains to this day. (This photo 1919)
The Wei­her­garten in Mainz, built in 1793 as the pub­lish­ing house of Schott Music, where it remains to this day. (This pho­to 1919)
From the end of the 19th century, Schott London was based at 157-159 Regent Street.
From the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry, Schott Lon­don was based at 157–159 Regent Street.
Customers at Schott Music London on Regent Street (ca. 1904)
Cus­tomers at Schott Music Lon­don on Regent Street (ca. 1904)
Schott Music London moved to its current premises at 48 Great Marlborough Street in 1908.
Schott Music Lon­don moved to its cur­rent premis­es at 48 Great Marl­bor­ough Street in 1908.
The modernized salesrooms of Schott London in 1965 in a contemporary drawing.
The mod­ern­ized salesrooms of Schott Lon­don in 1965 in a con­tem­po­rary draw­ing.