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Vladimir Horowitz

Vladimir Horowitz

Country of origin: Ukraine
Birthday: October 1, 1903
Date of death: November 5, 1989

About Vladimir Horowitz

Vladimir Horowitz, an American pianist of Ukrainian ancestors, was born on April 1, 1903 in Berdichev, Ukraine, then part of the Russian Empire, and died on November 5, 1989 in New York. His musical education began in Kiev, where he studied piano and composition. After his debut performance in Russia, he was granted permission to leave the country for research purposes in 1925, but he never returned. Instead, he swiftly established himself as a renowned pianist in Western Europe, performing in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom.

He made his successful debut in New York in 1928, followed by appearances with leading orchestras around the country. He married Wanda Toscanini, the daughter of legendary conductor Arturo Toscanini, five years later. In 1942, he obtained American citizenship. Horowitz's concert career was interrupted multiple times, but he always returned to the stage with a matured interpretive art, including 1936-1938, 1953-1965, and 1969-1974. He performed infrequently until the mid-1980s.

Horowitz was most recognized for his excellent interpretations of compositions by Franz Liszt, Peter Tchaikovsky, Frédéric Chopin, Aleksandr Scriabin, and Sergei Rachmaninov. His playing was notable for its technical skill and emotional depth. His musical legacy goes on in the form of echoes of previous masterpieces, and his inspirations continue to define the world of piano music.