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Kurt Hessenberg

Kurt Hessenberg

Country of origin: Germany
Birthday: August 17, 1908
Date of death: June 17, 1994

About Kurt Hessenberg

Kurt Hessenberg was born in Frankfurt on the Main in 1908 and studied composition and piano at the Leipzig Regional Conservatoire. In 1933 he became a teacher of theory at the Hoch Conservatoire in Frankfurt on the Main and was later appointed professor of composition at the Musikhochschule. He died on 17 June  1994.
His compositions comprise not only several concertos and chamber music works but primarily sacred choral music, oratorios and compositions for organ. Hessenberg's musical language is characterized by counterpoint, rhythmic conciseness and discipline of form. Hessenberg is one of the most important representatives of Protestant church music in the 20th century.
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