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Mindfulness — Music to soothe the mind and soul

Music has always been there to relax us when we’re stressed, calm us down when we’re upset, give us a boost when we’re feel­ing low, and ener­gise us when we’re run­ning out of steam.  The pow­er of music and the neces­si­ty to make it a part of our lives is often under appre­ci­at­ed.

We’ve high­light­ed a few of our favourite pub­li­ca­tions that can help to bring a bit of calm to this crazy world.

And for those of you who enjoy lis­ten­ing to great music we also have the BBC Proms Guide in stock, which includes a com­plete list­ing of all 75 of this year’s con­certs.

Islands - Essential Einaudi Islands — Essen­tial Ein­audi
14,99 £
Relax with Baroque Piano Relax with Baro­que Piano
11,99 £
Relax with Classical Piano Relax with Clas­si­cal Piano
11,99 £
Relax with Romantic Piano Relax with Roman­tic Piano
11,99 £
Relax with Folk Piano Relax with Folk Piano
11,99 £
Eusa Eusa
25,50 £
The Mindful Pianist The Mind­ful Pianist
12,99 £
Peaceful Pianist Playlist Peace­ful Pianist Playlist
12,99 £
Piano Tranquillo / Vivace Piano Tran­quil­lo / Vivace
14,35 £
Seven Days Walking: Day One Sev­en Days Walk­ing: Day One
15,99 £
Sheets Eins - 10 piano works Sheets Eins — 10 piano works
30,00 £
Piano Gallery Piano Gallery
8,50 £
Prelude and Fugue in C BWV 846 Pre­lude and Fugue in C BWV 846
6,95 £
BBC Proms Guide 2019 BBC Proms Guide 2019
7,00 £