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Some photos of our practice rooms

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Elisabeth Lutyens room

7.4 m²  —  Suit­able for 1 or 2 musi­cians
— Steinway’s Essex range baby grand piano

Percy Grainger room

5.8 m²  —  One of our new acoustic booths, suit­able for 1 or 2 musi­cians
— Steinway’s Essex range upright piano

Steve Martland room

5.8 m²  —  One of our new acoustic booths, suit­able for 1 or 2 musi­cians
— Yama­ha dig­i­tal piano

Peter Maxwell Davies room

12.4 m²  —  Our largest prac­tice room, which can be sup­plied with 1 or 2 pianos
— Stein­way Mod­el M Stu­dio Grand piano
— Steinway’s Boston range baby grand piano

Michael Tippett room

8.2 m²  —  Our mid-sized prac­tice room is suit­able for 1–3 musi­cians
— Steinway’s Boston range baby grand piano